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At Hemlock Haven WV we know how hard it is to find a place to stay that provides all the luxuries for you and allows your dog too. So we decided to create that place in the heart of WV.

To make it as trouble free, safe, and relaxing as possible, we have a rustic fenced in area just outside your kitchen door. You don’t even have to put your shoes on to let the dog outside. The fence is a split rail fence with green coated wire fencing attached to the back and secured to the ground so dogs can't go through or under the fence.

  • *Keep your dog on a leash unless in the fenced area.
  • *If your dog is a shedder, please keep off the beds and furniture.
  • *Please pick up after your pet in the fenced area and near the cabin (tools provided.)
  • *Please don’t leave your pet unattended without notifying us.
  • What Our Customers are Saying

    • Thank you for one of the best weekends I can remember…Bringing my two german shepherds made the weekend even more special. They loved it here!!

    • …the fenced backyard is priceless. The ability to bring our dogs along makes such a difference in our holidays.

    • We were so happy we got to bring “our baby’ Cozi (terrier mix). He had a wonderful time!! Loved the fenced yard.

    • Great to finally find a dog friendly cabin along with all the luxuries that humans crave.

    • The place was spotless and you thought of everything….This is the best vacation I’ve taken with the dogs!
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